Your URL for the world

Your URL for the world


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How It Works

Simply use Adsfluence ONE LINK as a «Link-In-Bio» URL tool and curate a unique personal page to share content with audiences across all platforms


Customize your profile with standard templates or custom video and image backgrounds


A click on a link can make you money from content with a skippable banner or video ad in between


Move your followers from one social network to another, by adding links to your content from all your channels on this ONE LINK

Earn money


Earn money

Connect with the world's top brands and easily monetize your social traffic through various different ways

Interstitial ads

Full-screen ads that appear between content or during natural breaks, capturing users' attention.


Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC) models used to determine the pricing and effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

Content lock

A tool that restricts access to specific content until users complete a desired action, such as subscribing or making a purchase.

Brand partners

Collaborations between advertisers and well-known brands to promote products or services through various online advertising channels.

Pricing Plan

Supercharge your social media link in bio

Supercharge your social media link in bio

Unlimited links, social icons and more customization tools collect emails and grow your mailing list

Customize your page with unique themes, and video backgrounds

Disable any or all ads to enable Ad Free Option

Earn incremental revenue from various Ads, including interstitial ads, video ads, text ads, and link locker ads

Add google, facebook, tik tok pixels and UTM tags


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Can I accept, reject or modify the campaigns that advertisers offer me?
Yes, you can accept, reject or modify any campaign, and choose the ones that interest you.
All payments are made directly to your PayPal account after the end of the campaign period.
No matter the number of followers or visitors you have, any user who owns blogs and/or social networks can register.
It has no cost. Adsfluence is completely free for influencers.
Yes, you can create and manage all the accounts you would like to connect.
On Adsfluence, that option is not available, but if PayPal allows you to change it into your currency, it is possible.
You will be able to register and manage your social networks as a user of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at the moment.
The only requirement is that you own an account on Twitter, Instagram and blog or Fan Page on Facebook and Google+ that you manage.
We currently work with Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
You can choose the price you want for each action, but the estimated price for posting an ad on your social network would be 0.002 Euro cents per follower and for sharing an ad 0.001 Euro cents per follower.
The proposals of the Trademarks will arrive via email with all the information for you to carry out the campaign, once you finish, you will be charged the price set on your PayPal account.
Adsfluence charges a 30% commission for each service completed.
It's easy, you just have to register the blog or social networks on the platform and expect the brands to send you a collaboration proposal.