How It Works


Adsfluence is a simple way to earn money from social media.

One Link

Signing up as an influencer gives you access to your customizable AdsFluence page that allows you to put all your links in one place -- for free. Add your AdsFluence OneLink URL to your social media profile and give your followers easy access to all your social media platforms, and even highlight blog posts and affiliate links.


Choose different apps to promote to your followers for additional revenue. You’ll earn up to $5.00 for every time one of your followers installs an app from your page. Customize not only which apps you choose to display, but also the title & description that accompany it. Challenge them to get the highest score, or complete a level in a game.


When you register, your contact info, location, suggested pricing, and vertical tags will be added to your profile and added to our influencer database. When a brand is searching for influencers to sponsor that match your profile, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know of the opportunity, which you may then accept or decline.



Get paid when you post a sponsored post from our advertiser, onto your Instagram feed. You can also add this post to your OneLink URL, along with the advertiser`s link, so the advertiser gets more visibility, and they can pay you even more!


When your followers visit your OneLink URL, and install one of the free apps, you can earn up to $5 per user who installs an app! You can send users to install these free apps by reviewing them on your post, or challenging your followers to get to a specific level, etc.


Earn even more when your followers go to your OneLink URL and click on the `native ad units` on the bottom of the page.




Promote business products and services with posts on your Instagram. Add these sponsored posts, along with the client's link, to your OneLink URL.


Get Insight into your visitors to your OneLink URL, including which country they are coming from, which device, and what time of day they are engaging with your page.


Choose the price you want at any time to publish or share marketing campaigns. You can also login to your account to see how much money you have made through the different earning methods.


You choose whether to accept, reject or modify brand or App proposals. You can also choose which Apps you want or do not want, to be displayed on your OneLink URL.


When you complete the collaboration with a brand, or the app you will receive the money on your PayPal account, within the end of the next month.


AdsFluence charges a 30% fee on the total final price only when you earn money. Having an account is free, and there is no other charge.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can accept, reject or modify any campaign, and choose the ones that interest you.
All payments are made directly to your PayPal account after the end of the campaign period.
No matter the number of followers or visitors you have, any user who owns blogs and/or social networks can register.
It has no cost. Adsfluence is completely free for influencers.
Yes, you can create and manage all the accounts you would like to connect.
On Adsfluence, that option is not available, but if PayPal allows you to change it into your currency, it is possible.
To upload an image of your blog or social network you must go to >> My Networks >> Choose the social network or blog >> Upload Image.
The only requirement is that you own an account on Twitter, Instagram and blog or Fan Page on Facebook and Google+ that you manage.
We currently work with Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
You can choose the price you want for each action, but the estimated price for posting an ad on your social network would be 0.002 Euro cents per follower and for sharing an ad 0.001 Euro cents per follower.
The proposals of the Trademarks will arrive via email with all the information for you to carry out the campaign, once you finish, you will be charged the price set on your PayPal account.
Adsfluence charges a 30% commission for each service completed.
It's easy, you just have to register the blog or social networks on the platform and expect the brands to send you a collaboration proposal.